Nudge stops working sometimes

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Nudge stops working sometimes

Post by ktmspark » Tue May 19, 2020 1:27 pm

I Have the v3 plunger , and i have noticed that the nudge function randomly stops working, if i unplug the usb and replug this fixes the nudge , but it is hardly convenient. has anyone experienced this and is there a fix?

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Re: Nudge stops working sometimes

Post by Zebulon » Tue May 19, 2020 2:24 pm

It shouldn't be doing that.

The way the plunger works (with regard to nudging) is that it takes a constant sampling of the accelerometer position and reports it back to the computer unless the plunger rod is in motion. When the rod is in motion it stops reporting the accelerometer readings and reports the center location (0,0) to the computer until the plunger comes to rest whereupon it resumes reporting the actual readings.

If your plunger comes to rest outside of the expected range (auto-calibrated at rest position at boot) it can cause a loop in the code but this usually results in a nudging loop, not a lack of nudging.

My suggestion would be to ensure that you have the plunger installed in a USB2.0 port (if at all possible, some 3.0 ports have wonky controller chips/drivers), to make sure that the plunger slider has little to no play in it (to give a consistent return point) and to make sure that the charging circuits of the usb ports are turned off in the bios management (allows the plunger to reset itself when the machine is turned off).

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