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V1 Plunger Installation Instructions

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:33 am
by Zebulon
Installation Manual

V1 Plunger manual click HERE

Button wiring info for the gamepad only version is:


Button wiring info for the keyboard version is:


The diagrams are hard to read so here is the pinout chart for the keyboard firmware:

Lower connector (as pictured above) regular functions:

Right magnasave (R_ctrl), Start (1), Left Flipper (L_Shift), Right Flipper (R_Shift), Left magnasave (L_CTRL), End (e)

Upper connector:

Launch Ball (Enter), Coin (5), Joystick button 1, joystick button 2, Alt_button Switch trigger, ZB Launch feature trigger

Lower Connector alt functions (when alt-button wired is grounded)

Service menu CANCEL (7), Coindoor OPEN (END), Volume DOWN (+), Volume UP (-), Service Menu ENTER ( 0 ), Service menu DOWN ( 8 )

Upper connector alt functions:

Service menu UP (9), N/A, Joystick button 3, Joystick button 4

Volume buttons are reversed in diagram and controller USB cable now comes out beside the common wire.