PacLED64 Initial Settings Clear

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PacLED64 Initial Settings Clear

Post by Zebulon » Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:36 pm

The PacED64 ships from Ultimarc with a pre-programmed flash routine on it that fires all all outputs simultaneously and can blow the virtual output board upon initial start if not cleared.

To clear the flash routine of the demo program, download the PACLED64 utility from Ultimarc found here... and install it (you will need microsoft .Net installed as well).

Connect the PacLED64 and run the PacLED64 utility and change to the Brightness tab and make the changes shown (set LED number to 0 for all).


Return to the settings screen and click on start recording. Let the recording run without changing anything for several seconds and then click on Stop. This will record a bliank pattern into the pacled64.

Click apply and exit the utility.

Further instructions on using the PacLED64 utility can be found here.....