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Couple quick questions on expanding the EZ Install

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9 months 3 weeks ago #1506 by fjser
Hi Zeb, just about finished wiring up my EZ Install Kit, but had a few questions I was hoping you could answer if you have a miniute:

1) if I use the free outputs (4) on the booster board included with the EZ Install Kit to control my blower fan and rotating beacons (both 12V), I dont need to worry about diodes on the devices correct? If i read the wiring diagrams completely, the extra 12v line on the booster board achieves this for the devices connected there?

2) I am adding some Chimes (24V) to my setup. Ive purchased a 24V power supply and connected diodes on the chimes side, my plan it to run these to another (older) booster board of yours that I have from my old cabinet. Its similar to this one ( ). but has some additional 12v and 5v outputs not shown in that diagram. Anyway, my questions on this booster board are:

- Mofsets on this booster should be able to hand 24V toys right?
- Is it OK to use the (-)/black terminal on the distribution bar on the ez install kit to connect a ground from the 24v power supply so they are all shared?
- there is a 5V input on this board in addition to 12v and I need to use that? I dont have 5V supply in my cabinet at the moment, and dont want to use PC power supply with my toys. Can i use another 12v line instead or leave this unhooked? (I have no plans for 5v toys at all)
- If i do need 5v for this, I assume i could take a small 5v power supply I have, connect positive to the booster, and the negative to the (-) terminal on the distribution bar?

Thanks Zeb! As always appreciate your help on this!
9 months 2 weeks ago #1508 by zebulon
1) The diode on the board should cover the fan and beacon outputs but it doesn't hurt to put one directly on the fan/beacon as well. It's always better to suppress the feedback as close to the source as possible. Make sure that the stripe is in the correct orientation (to the 12v line) or you will create a dead short through the diode.

2) - The mosfets are rated up to 48V, the traces are good up to 3A per output.

- Yes, connect the (-) of the power supply to the (-) of the distribution board (black terminal post is preferable as it is before the fuse).

- The 5v input is what powers the board, the 12v input supplies the diodes (if there are any) and the output of the mosfets. Best practice is to supply 5v but it will work off of 12v as well. Remove any diodes on the board from outputs that will be running at anything other than 12v and install the diodes remotely at the coil of the toy/chimes.

- Yup, just like the 24v supply.

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