Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Plunger Questions

1. My plunger doesn't auto calibrate/calibration isn't centered

 Make sure that you have upgraded the firmware to the latest release. The latest firmware can be found at the bottom of the plunger description page in the storefront.

 2. My plunger doesn't always/stopped registering movement when I draw it back.

 Make sure that the slide is firmly attached to the plunger rod.  On units shipped with a ball shooter mechanism, several dimples have been made near the tip of the plunger rod with a spring punch to help grab the slide and maintain it's position on the plunger rod. If yours is slipping, try wrapping 1 turn of double sided tape around the tip of the plunger rod and reinsert it into the slide.

As well, the encoder strip at the bottom of the slide unit can shift during shipping.  Looking down the tube from the front end, you will notice a white strip of plastic that the pin goes through, this is the magnetic encoder strip. Ensure that the strip is seated as far down the pin as possible. If adjusting the strip itself hasn't made a change, try moving the pin lower into the housing with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

 3.The nudge causes the ball to drift/pull to the right

Go to the settings\keys screen in vp options and set the deadzone for the analog nudging. There is a deadzone of 10% built into the firmware so all you need is to set the deadzone for 1% and it will cease to pull to the right.

 4. My Computer hangs when booting with the plunger but is ok without it

USB controllers vary from motherboard to motherboard and some have issues with the plunger booting too quickly as compared to the BIOS of the motherboard.  Make sure that the plunger is plugged into a USB2.0 port if possible.  If that doesn't solve the issue, disable USB Legacy Device support in the motherboard BIOS.

Booster Board Questions

1. My booster board lights up but doesn't switch on my toys

Make sure that you have the controller (ledwiz) grounded to the Booster Board ground. Without this reference connection, the signal doesn't complete the circuit.

2. Where can I find a diagram for........?

Check in the forums in the Main section under the thread labelled "Wiring Diagrams" . There are diagrams, schematics and examples of everything I carry as well as diagrams for hardware that I don't carry in this section.

3. On your diagram it says I need both 5v and 12v supplies. Do I really need both?

Your Booster Board will work on input voltages from 3v to 12v and will work with the same voltage being fed into both inputs. Using the same voltage defeats the protection of the optocouplers as there is no longer any isolation of the input side from the output side.

 4. Do I need resistors for my leds with your boards?

If you are using the Barebones or SMT booster boards you still need to limit the current to the leds with resistors.  If you have purchased an output kit, you either have the resistors on the boards (Original Output Kit) or a resistor board that was included in the kit.

 5. I have a newer board and my leds work but the solenoids/motors don't. How do I fix this?

On boards manufactured after January 2015 I incorporated a NIGHT MODE kill switch option.  If you haven't connected this with either a switch or a jumper of wire inline between the terminals marked NIGHT MODE you will not get any activity on any outputs intended for inductive (coil driven) loads.

6. Why does my xxxxx output come on and stay on without even being in the game when I power up my system?

If any output comes on and stays on when power is applied to the system it indicates a fault with the transistor or driver that is controlling the output or a blown diode on the ouput and the board will require repair.  The repair can be as simple as reheating the solder joint of the transistor in question to having to replace the compononent that has failed.  Contact me for arrangements for the repair.

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